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Crawler BATU 535
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Exclusive journeys!

BATU 535 caravan offers a safe journey thanks to the technologies that make your job easier. You just have to enjoy the view.

BATU 535 has been carefully designed with durable aluminum outer body to be resistant to all terrain conditions and to move forward with you in all seasons and on every road.

Thanks to its level adjustable air suspension, it provides you comfort during travel and camping.

With its large internal volume, it allows you to easily transport all your needs and materials.

4-person bed capacity, movable dining table, large storage areas, openable mosquito nets and curtains, interior and exterior kitchen and bathroom and many practical features

Crawler BATU 535 caravans give you comfort and inspiration on your journey.


Technical Specifications:

Type                      : 4 Seasons OnRoad and OffRoad Trailer Caravan

Dimensions            : L: (including drawbar) 734 x W:204 x H:269 cm

Weight                  : 1730 Kg (Empty)

Chassis                : Electro-Galvanized

Suspension           : Double Axle Spring Type with Double Shock Absorbers

Tyre Dimensions    : 285 / 75 / 16

Coupling                : With Brake and Backward Maneuverability

Standard Features
Windows with Flyscreen and Curtain
Toilet/Bathroom External Door
Was Rear LED Lights with Sequential Indicators
Was Side Marker Lamps
Was Rear Marker Lamps
License Plate Lighting Lamp
Outside Strip Lighting Leds
Outside Storage Cabinets
Outside Storage Cabinets Lighting
Chrome Cylinder Locks
Chrome Cabinet Hinges
Chrome Cabinet Door Stoppers
Side Opening Pop-up Lid
Rear Opening Pop-up Lid
Fixing Stands with Adjustable Height (4 Pcs)
Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls)
Carpet Covering Over PVC Coating Floor
Ceramic Based Insulation Coating
Inside Storage Cabinets
Safe Lockers and Door Type Organizers
Chrome Cylinder Storage Locks
Cabinet Doors Fixing Pistons
Crawler Smart Panel and Control Box
Victron Energy 220A Gel Battery
Victron Blue Smart Charger (20 Amper)
Defa 220v Charger Input
Cable and Bag
Lighting Dimmers
USB Outlets
12v Power Outlet
Bed Area Power Outlets
Interior Lighting Leds
13 PIN Socket (For Only Europe)
Water Pump (19 Lt/Min)
Chrome Water Filler Cap
Chrome Fresh Water Tank (136 Lt)
Chrome Grey Water Tank (45 Lt)
Black Water Tank (17 Lt)
Water Drain Valve
Fixed Chrome Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Drawers
Kitchen Cabinets (Under Countertop)
Kitchen Cabinets (Countertop)
Three Burner Stove and Pot Holder
Chrome Kitchen Sink
Hot/Cold Water Faucets
152 Lt Thetford Refrigerator (Or Similar)
4 Person Seating Area
Seat and Back Cushions
Foldable Bunk Bed System
Adjustable Swivel Table
Secondary Bed Area (2-Person Bunk Bed&Sofa) (180 x 70 cm)
Sliding Door with Flyscreen and Curtain
Primary Bed Area (205 x 165 cm)
Storage Drawers
Storage Cabinets
Aluminium External Door
Aluminium İnternal Door
Compact Laminate Flooring
Restroom / Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Thetford Cassette Toilet (Or Similar)
Foldable Shower Sink
Shower Head with Hot / Cold Water Faucet
Truma Combi 6 (Air and Water Heater System)
Heater Outlet from 4 Points
Truma Duo Switch
Truma LPG Anti-Freeze System
Truma Double Gas Valve
Truma Crash Sensor
Gas Filter
Gas Regulator
Gas Detector
Copper Gas System 8mm
Ceiling Hek Glass with In/Out Ventilation
Optional Products
Crawler BATU 535

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