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Crawler ANKA 300
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We removed the borders to meet nature!

ANKA easily turns the bed of a pickup into a livable camper, thus you will be never late to discover the nature!

ANKA is designed to slide conveniently on the bed of a pickup truck, instantly giving it a functional living space. This camper provides you freedom in the city and in the camps thanks to its easily installable camping module and specially designed adjustable fixing feets.

The camper can be installed and seperated from your vehichle easily, this gives you flexibilty to use your vehicle as it is in the city, and as a caravan when you want to go camping.

It will also be possible to leave your ANKA in camping area, and to go exploring with your vehicle.

ANKA has kitchen, tolilet and bathroom features which let you have a comfortable camping experience whereever you want.

Removable Camper

Compact Design

Durable Outer Body

Compatible with all double cab Pick-Up models

While ANKA provides extra volume and spaciousness with its ceiling that can rise in the camping position, it creates a living space where a family of 3 can stay comfortably.

ANKA camper model, which can be carried in the chassis of pickup vehicles, inspires you to escape from city life and explore nature at any time.

Technical Specifications

Type                         : 4 Season Off Road Caravan

Top Legnth              : 3000mm

Top Width                : 2000mm

Closed Height         : 1400mm

Open Height            : 2300mm

Weight                     : 425kg

Bed Sizes                Expandable Bed Area (3 Person) 2000mmx1500mm (closed) 2000mmx2200mm (open)

Body                        : Aluminium

Standard Features
Electrostatic Powder Coating
Rear Entrance Door
Expandable Pop-up Roof System with Windows
Door Lock
Door Hinges
Outside LED Lighting (Passanger Door Side and Back Door Top)
Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls)
Carpet Covering Over PVC Coating Floor
Ceiling Ceramic Based Insulation Coating
Storage Cabinets
Rear Door Flyscreen
Pop-up Roof with Flyscreen and Curtain
6 Buttons Analog Control Panel
Battery (90A)
Adjustable LED Internal Lighting with Remote Control
Pako Switch
Victron Blue Smart Şarj Aleti (10 Amper)
Defa 220v Charger Input
Cable and Bag
USB Outlets
12v Power Outlet
12v Refrigerator Power Outlet
Strip Lighting Leds
Water Pump (19 Lt/Min)
Water Level Gauge
Magnetic Float
Chrome Fresh Water Tank (80 Lt)
Chrome Grey Water Tank (17 Lt)
Chrome Water Filler Cap
Water Drain Valve
Single Stove
Single Bowl Chrome Sink
Kitchen Cupboards
Kitchen Shelf
2+1 Person Seating Area
Under Seat Storage Cabinets ( 2 pcs.)
Dining table
Seat and Back Cushions
Expandable Bed Area (3 Person)
Shower Head
Exterior Colors
Upholstery Colors
Optional Products
Crawler ANKA 300

Order Details
%25 Discount 19.300,00  EUR
Product Price: 14.475,00  EUR
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Total Price: 14.475,00)  EUR