Towing Caravan

The caravan model, which is taken by motor vehicles and taken to the desired place, is called towing caravan. Like a normal caravan, it has many tools in it. Everything for the creation of habitats is also included in the towing caravan. Towing caravan also has a kitchen, bathroom, seating area and bed. There are also utensils such as stoves, houses and refrigerators. 

Storage areas; clean water tank and dirty water tank depending on the size of the caravan. Insulation and heating of the environment are also provided easily. As an energy system, solar panels are easily used. It is capable of many additions and stickers according to the need. Electricity, which is also the necessary energy in the campsites, is easily provided. 

The width of the caravan varies according to the number of people who will use the caravan. According to the number, 2-3-4-5-6 people can easily live in towing caravan. You can easily adjust the towing caravan in large and small sizes according to the number of crowds. However, another important issue for towing caravan is the volume of vehicles that will tow the caravan. Large vehicles must be used for large towing caravans. This is important in terms of ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Crawler brand also makes its signature to highly qualified towing caravans by producing caravans that have an effective design feature. Crawler, which produces caravans at almost every level, also implements towing caravan designs in accordance with the demand. Thus, it is possible to have extremely eye-catching and useful caravans. 

Correct Use of Towing caravan

Towing caravan is a frequently preferred type among caravan varieties. The fact that it is less priced than other types of caravans is one of the biggest reasons why it is preferred. It is also considered a mini living space in which it is used on request. The use of connecting to a motor vehicle emphasizes the independence of the vehicle. Parking problems can be mentioned as a disadvantage. 

What matters in towing caravans is the power of the vehicle that tows the caravan. Speed and weight are balanced in this way. The ideal average weight in the Towing caravan is 750 kg. Weight, model and usage also determine the types of driver's licenses. A class B driver's license is sufficient to drive a Towing caravan. Regular maintenance every year prevents the problems that will occur. 

The balance of weight in it is important as it will be used by pulling with another vehicle. Therefore, items need to be well placed and balanced. The caravan, which is connected to the vehicle by motor with the help of a hook, can come off the hook in weight imbalance according to road conditions. Interior design and equal item placement prevent problems that may occur. The caravan, which weighs equally, does not experience swings. 

Advantages of Towing caravan

Towing caravans cost less than motor caravans. Because no engine costs are needed. You can visit anywhere by connecting it to your vehicle. It is also possible to create a comfortable living space like the one in the moto caravan. You can satisfy your accommodation needs in any area. What you want is to be you can stop by the lake, the campsite, the sea view. 

Towing caravan owners can easily go shopping in their own vehicles, leaving their caravans in the campsite. That way you want have a burden. You don't have to worry about where you are going to park the car. You can drive around all the tourist areas you go to with your motor vehicle as you wish. One of the biggest advantages of towing caravan is that it does not have a tax problem. In caravans where taxes are determined by weight, you are exempt from many taxes if you own a towing caravan under 750 kg.

If towing caravan is preferred, you will also be exempt from many mandatory insurance fees. Insurance or traffic insurance is mandatory. However, these fees are not paid for towing caravan. Since it does not have an engine, you are also exempt from many issues such as engine maintenance, oil change, transmission maintenance. In this way, it is up to you to an average of 7 thousand liras per year. 

Disadvantages of Towing caravan

Advantages that develop entirely depending on the needs can again turn into disadvantages according to the needs. However, there are some disadvantages according to the needs in towing caravan. In this regard; security, travel, accommodation, number of people to stay turn into advantages or disadvantages. As a major disadvantage, safety can be suggested. If you feel a danger, you can't move the car like a moto caravan. 

Towing caravan parking problems are frequent for people living in big cities. However, if you have a garage or garden, you will not encounter this problem. However, you are likely to have problems getting back out and finding parking spaces in congested traffic and crowded areas. There is no such thing as inpatient travel. You can only do this in a moto caravan. You should also consider situations such as overturning of items according to road conditions. 

The weight must be adjusted well to avoid danger on the highway. When you install the towing caravan in your motor vehicle, you will find almost the size of a truck. Therefore, your speed limit will not be more than 80 km. At this stage, weight also becomes an important criterion. It is necessary to adjust the balance of water tanks, the weight and balance of items well. 

There are fewer storage areas than Moto caravans. In moto caravans with an average of 150 liters of water, this number is even lower when it comes to towing caravan. That is why sometimes bucket help is needed. You will always need to check the road conditions to discover a new place. Because you can't go all the way with towing caravan.

Depending on the weight of the caravan, your driver's license group will also vary. A class B driver's license is sufficient for a caravan weighing 750 kg. However, when you exceed this figure, your driver's license class must be BE. To connect your Towing caravan to the vehicle, you need to have it anchored. It is imperative that this iron is also operated on the license. In addition, the vehicle must undergo inspection. If you get into the idea of selling the vehicle, buyers may think that this iron is damaging the vehicle and give up the sale.

Towing caravan Models

There are many different models and styles for towing caravan, which provides economical and freer spaces. These models can be purchased according to style and need. Towing caravan is recommended as the ideal caravan style in the city and in short-term camps. You can leave the caravan in the area and drive freely in any place. So what are towing caravan models?

1.Classic Model Towing caravan

Depending on the width of the inside, it has a capacity of up to 6 people. It can be up to 6.5 meters long. It is one of the models with a bathroom and a kitchen. It includes a stove, kitchen, shower and toilet. There are also larger models. This allows for handling in the caravan. It does not take harvesting in swings and maneuvers. It is a convenient and very travelable model.

2.Small Tear Trailer Model

They are mini towing caravans that small vehicles can tow. Ideal for minimal building lovers. Suitable for towing on the side of normal vehicles. Even ATV-style vehicles are towed. Because it's very light. There's a bed for two people to sleep in. There's no toilet in it. 

People who don't want to stay in the tent can easily stay here. It has a small kitchen in the rear trunk, accessible from the outside. There is also a refrigerator and shelves that meet basic needs. It also has a sink. Its weight is under 750 kg. That's why he doesn't need a license. 

3.Towing caravan Model with Rising Ceiling

It is a caravan model that was frequently used in ancient times. When standing, the accordion system is activated and provides space width. It's very convenient and appeals to style. They can fit in garages in small size. Lack of weight saves you gasoline. Two people can fit in there. Proper expansion of paint will save many areas. 

4.Mini Towing Caravan Model

You'll love this towing caravan, which is small and inexpensive. It is among the models that everyone wants to have with both its mini and sweetness. It can even be filmed by bicycle. Its minimality also helps it to have a long-lasting structure and easy to use. 

The minivan almost doesn't need any maintenance. However, it is not possible to lie longitudinally in it. You can make special designs for this. It is produced with plastic body and glass support. It is light, small and useful at a short distance. If you do not use it as a bed area; you can use it as a kitchen and bathroom. 

5.Folding Towing Caravan Model

This lightweight towing caravan model is easy to save fuel. Thanks to its foldable structure, it fits easily in the parking lot and garage. It is said to have a time-wasting structure. Because it needs to be re-installed to use it after folding. One of the disadvantages is that it has to be closed while traveling. It is a model that can be made to order. 

6.Commercial Model Towing caravans

Commercial caravans are formed by modifying towing caravans and arranging them according to purpose and need. It is easily used in many areas. It should, however, be well decided on its size according to purpose. It can also be used as a cafe, not only as a promotional tool!

If there will be a towing model to serve in the shipping area, the door and window dimensions are adjusted accordingly. Buffet-style doors and windows are installed if they are to be used as cafes. It is among the models that are remarkable and can fit into any style. 

Towing caravan Manufacturing

Towing caravan models, which are manufactured according to need and purpose, are also available in Turkey and abroad. It is possible to find towing caravan in every budget model. At this stage, the purpose to be done is to determine. 

If it is determined in which areas the Towing caravan is used, the choice of model is easy. It will also be so suitable in manufacturing. There are many domestic and foreign resources in this area. In this field, masters manufacture towing caravans. 

Towing caravan Prices

The overall price determination in caravans varies according to the purpose of use. Pricing is also influential in many options, such as size, how many people will stay, whether it will be a towing caravan or a moto caravan. In addition, whether it will be imported or domestic can cause big changes in prices. 

It is also important to be able to choose according to brand, model and storage areas, as well as to resist long roads. Therefore, a detailed investigation and needs need to be determined well before the purchase of a caravan. The best research for towing caravan prices will be to talk to various users.

License and Driver's License Procedures in Towing caravan

Towing caravans do not have taxes. Since it is not classified as a motor vehicle, you do not need to make any payments. Therefore, you do not have to pay SCT. Maintaining them annually avoids the necessary problems and incurs less costs. Towing caravan models over 750 kg must be examined at certain intervals.

Towing caravan requires special vehicle anchor. This iron must be operated on the license. Otherwise, you may encounter problems on the journeys. No license is required for towing caravans under 750kg. However, if the towing caravan is over 750 kg, you must have a license. Again, 750 kg towing caravans can be used with a class B driver's license. However, it is necessary to switch to a BE class driver's license at weights that exceed this number.